Like a Nomad

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Walk the┬áLine.”

Since I was little, my Dad has drilled it in my head that I should never settle. He throws it into every toast, every family gathering, basically any time he has others’ eyes and ears on himself. When I was young, Continue reading “Like a Nomad”

Not Your Ordinary Waffle

It was a beautiful morning in Southern California and there wasn’t much more that I could ask for. Yet, I had this nagging craving for a good, simple breakfast. I headed down the coastal road and grabbed a table at Creme De La Crepe and ordered the first waffle I saw, with simple yet delightful toppings. The presentation could’ve been mediocre. It could’ve been great looking but not so great on the taste buds. This waffle didn’t end up being just a waffle. I could see that the person who created it put genuine thought into its presentation and taste. … Continue reading Not Your Ordinary Waffle