Hello! I’m Lauren. Thanks for visiting, I’m glad to have you! If you’re reading this, then you’ve navigated to my portfolio for a reason. Whether you happened upon it, were directed to it, or were scouting for it… I’m glad you’re here.

I’ll start by telling you a little about me. I am a junior, attending THE University of Alabama and am pursuing an degree in Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design. That’s my official title. But, my unofficial title is that I’m a free spirit, filled with undying wanderlust, heart, and a spooling mind. I enjoy challenges. I thrive on creativity and innovation. So, you may be thinking “Why does this girl want to include food in a portfolio? Is she a chef?” The answer is no, quite simply, I’m just a foodie. Unlike my mother, I don’t possess the ability to come up with recipes on a dime and have the outcome be impeccable. (You rock, mom.) Yet, that doesn’t stop me from trying my hand at cooking. I like learning how to cook and seeing how different ingredien

ts and methods can alter the outcome of a meal and make it that much more spectacular. It’s an interesting concept, and one day it had a significant impact on me and I saw a correlation –Food is a necessity, we simply need it to survive, but we choose to make it beautiful. In a consumer driven world, Advertising is much like a food. To keep the industry thriving, companies sustain themselves with Advertising to either draw in profit or to inform.  It’s a food to business, but we choose to make it beautiful. There are hardworking teams that work day in and day out to create the next world-shaking campaign that puts their products at the top of the charts– one day I hopeto be a part of one.

Hopefully through this site, you will see a snippet of how I interpret the world around me and the joy I find in taking ideas and converting them into creations, as well as my appreciation for the beauty of cuisine.


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