Not Your Ordinary Waffle

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.29.44 PM

It was a beautiful morning in Southern California and there wasn’t much more that I could ask for. Yet, I had this nagging craving for a good, simple breakfast.

I headed down the coastal road and grabbed a table at Creme De La Crepe and ordered the first waffle I saw, with simple yet delightful toppings. The presentation could’ve been mediocre. It could’ve been great looking but not so great on the taste buds. This waffle didn’t end up being just a waffle. I could see that the person who created it put genuine thought into its presentation and taste. It was an all around great meal, and the perfect way to start my day.


It’s a simple idea. A waffle for breakfast. But someone chose to take that idea and make it visually and tastefully pleasing. It’s that effort and vision that puts creativity on a new platform.

Or was I just really hungry….





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